Thursday, April 14, 2022

5 Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Home after Your Pets

 Anyone who owns a furry friend knows that the unconditional love a dog or a cat can give is enough to make them a part of the family. And like any other member of the family, they do tend to make a mess around the home.

Keeping your home clean with pets can be challenging, which is why many homeowners hire professional cleaning services like Castle Keepers - Charleston to do it for them. But cleaning after your pet does not have to be a nightmare if you know the proper ways to do it.

Read on to learn about 5 tips and tricks that will make your pet cleaning chores much easier to complete.

Use a Rubber Glove

One trick professional cleaners use that can make cleaning after your pets so much easier involves a simple rubber glove. Put on the glove and get the palm just a little wet and run it over fabrics where most of their fur piles up. 

The trick is simple – the static electricity easily pulls the fur away from your furniture, beddings or other fabrics. After you’re done simply wrap the glove and toss it away. Use a lint roller to collect any fur you might have missed.

Use Baking Soda to Deodorize

Pour some baking soda over the carpet and other surfaces you vacuum regularly to kill those nasty pet odors. 

Combine the baking soda with some essential oil your pet feels comfortable with and use it whenever you vacuum to get rid of the smells.

Apply the baking soda 20 minutes before vacuuming, then proceed to vacuum the surfaces thoroughly.

Groom Outside

Whenever you take your dog or cat outside for a walk or some fresh air, use the chance to groom them. Grooming them in your home can make a terrible mess you’ll have to clean later. Doing so outside will be so much easier since all the fur will just go its own way.

This will prevent the fur from piling up indoors, which can be counterproductive since it’s the reason you’re grooming your pet in the first place.

Grooming your pet also gives you a chance to scan their fur for any issues like ticks, scabs or cuts.

Use Microfiber for Furniture

Just like the rubber glove can do wonders for fabrics, microfiber can do the same for other furniture like shelves, the TV or coffee tables. The principle is the same: the static electricity pulls the hairs and dander more efficiently than a rag ever could.

A microfiber cloth will also help you reach the seemingly unreachable surfaces fan blades, light fixtures, and vents. Apart from pet fur, you’ll also pick up dangerous allergens that can affect humans and pets alike.

Use a UV Black-light to Scan for… Potty Stains

They might be a huge thing in nightclubs, but black-lights can be extremely useful for pet owners too. You can find LED black-lights cheap online or in local stores.

They can help you detect old potty stains. You may not be able to see them, but in most cases, you can most definitely smell them. And the longer it remains uncleaned, the worse it gets.

After you’ve detected a stain, use an enzyme-based cleaning product whether off the shelf or natural to remove any scents from your pets. Pets tend to get back to the scene of the crime often, so the sooner you remove the stain the better.