Thursday, April 14, 2022

9 Ways to Promote Spirit of Adventure in Kids

 Are you worried your kid is bored, wasting time in front of the screen, and lacking meaningful pastime options? If you’ve noticed that they tend to get stuck in their routines, it might be time to introduce a change. Even better, maybe it’s time for some adventure! This is a great way to build childhood memories and reap other benefits. Read on to find out more!

How do you explain adventure to a child?

Adventure usually involves a sense of danger and mystery. However you define it, kids will understand that it involves risk, and being brave in the face of adversity. Adventure is an all-time favorite theme in many popular children’s novels, comic books, cartoons, and video games, so you shouldn’t struggle with explaining the concept. 

Why is adventure good for children?

Adventurous activities help children develop an array of positive traits and skills. When children are allowed to experience risk to a certain degree, it helps develop their ability to deal with it at later stages in life. This involves

  • Problem-solving skills – they will be in the right mindset and ready to solve riddles, without feeling overwhelmed

  • Spatial awareness – if your kid likes to draw, to read maps, to solve obstacles, to explore new parts of the city, they will become more spatially aware

  • Resourcefulness – adventure can equip kids with the ability to see and use things around them in many creative ways

  • Teamwork – whether your kid is a natural team player or a solo explorer, group activities combined with an adventurous spirit go great together, and can develop leadership and social skills

  • Independence – adventure time gives children the opportunity to feel empowered and independent

  • Bravery – boldness to overcome fear and anxiety is definitely something that’s a part of adventurous activity

  • High self-esteem – adventurous kids have every reason to feel good about themselves, but they are not just bragging about it

  • Open-mindedness – open mind and curiosity is fostered through adventurous play

  • Kindness – being a genuine adventurer means that you truly care about others, that you’re willing to help, and this is something that kids need to learn early on. It’s about preserving yourself and others.

How do I encourage my child to be adventurous?

While some might argue that all kids are by nature adventurous. Although it does come from their curiosity and desire to explore, they can become shy and afraid of the unknown early on. To encourage them to become more inquisitive and bold, you could try out a number of activities.

What are some adventurous activities for kids?

Keep in mind that the risk needs to be controlled, at least to a certain extent. This means that kids shouldn’t be exposed to real danger. Here are some good ideas:  

  1. Cross an obstacle course or climb a towerwhen you visit a local fun park in Murrieta, your kids will be able to overcome their fears and push their boundaries in a safe environment. 

  2. Learn a new language – adventurers are never afraid of attaining new skills, and when you travel, your kid will love learning the local language. This also means learning local customs, traditions, and meeting new friends. 

  3. Treasure hunting – organize a treasure hunt in your backyard or at the local park, kids will enjoy competing and solving puzzles, in a truly adventurous environment

  4. Open-air camping – visit your local nature reserve, or throw a couple of tents in your backyard. If you live in the downtown area condominium, don’t worry. Invite the spirit of adventure to your living room and set your camp there. The kids love that!

  1. Build a tree-house – one of the all-time favorites, kids feel like kings and queens of their own castle once they have the opportunity to create this small play space in the backyard

  2. Try new food – kids love to try out new things at a certain age, so why not take them to a new restaurant where you can try a completely new style of food. Unless, of course, your kid is quite picky, they could have a blast. 

  3. Bike ride in a new park – if there’s a new park in your neighborhood, or a couple of blocks away, go there. Your kids will be happy to explore a new playground and enjoy a new view.

  4. Start a new hobby at home – Kids love fun hobbies, so you can encourage them to take it up. This could be learning to play an instrument, singing, art, sculpting, cooking, baking. Of course, to make it truly adventurous 

Finally, remember that not all things that matter are thrilling and fraught with excitement. Make sure to be there for your kid for support and encouragement if anything goes wrong with their adventure. Even so, they will be able to learn from you and from the experience.