Thursday, April 14, 2022

Cleaning the Nasty Places in Your Home

Cleaning can hardly be called anyone’s favorite pastime. Yet, it still needs to be done and millions of people clean their homes every day or every week. Still, not all parts of your house are the same, let’s face it. It’s always easier to clean the bookshelf than it is the bathroom.

However, sometimes it’s not just about the amount of work you need to do. Sometimes it’s also about the ‘yuck factor’ that comes with cleaning parts of your home.

Cleaning professionals at MaidThis of Denver share their tips about cleaning the really nasty places in your home that you would rather avoid.

When you arm yourself with knowledge and the confidence of a professional, there are no parts of your house that you cannot clean.

Garbage Disposal Unit

There’s no doubt about the usefulness of these devices that are installed under your kitchen sink. They can get rid of just about any kind of garbage you want to throw down the drain.

However, as they are fed all kinds of (mostly food-related) stuff, they tend to get really dirty over time, and if not cleaned regularly, they can get pretty smelly.

If you begin to smell pungent smells from your device, it is time to clean it. Before you look for an excuse in the realm of ‘I’m not a mechanic, I can’t take it apart to clean it’, you will be happy to know that that is not required.

The smell isn’t coming from the blades, they are stainless steel, nothing sticks to them. Instead, it is the rubber guard on top of it, so all you need to do is take the guard off, wash it well and put it back in its place.

Your Toilet

Let’s face it, we all have negative and dirty expectations of toilets. However, as the best cleaners tell from experience, toilets are relatively clean. That is, if you clean them regularly, about once a month.

However, even if you haven’t cleaned the toilet bowl for a while, chances are that it will be a lot easier to clean than you expect (even if not any less gross). The ceramics that the toilets are typically made of is really smooth and the dirt cannot really stick to it, at least not too strongly.

So, even light cleaning of the toilet should result in a clean toilet.

Smelly Refrigerator

We’ve all been there – ordering some takeout food, not finishing it and putting it in the fridge ‘for later’. More often than not, you will forget about it and it will sit in your fridge until it spoils and starts smelling.

That’s not the worst part of it, however. The worst part is that your entire fridge now smells, too. And you need to clean it as soon as possible

The simplest way to do this is to remove everything from your fridge (that includes the veggie trays and all of the food you have there. The cleaning itself can be done with a sponge and some dish soap. Just don’t use too much water and don’t forget to wipe the whole thing down with a microfiber cloth once you are done.

Garbage Cans

If your trash can starts to smell even when empty, chances are that there is a buildup of liquefied trash on the bottom. There is nothing clever or complicated about cleaning your trash can – take it outside and hose it down until clean.

Our aversion towards gross and foul-smelling things is a survival mechanism from our ancestors. However, running away from smelly things won’t help us in our domesticated modern existence, so we need to overcome our aversion and clean the nasty parts so we can enjoy our homes once again.