Friday, January 8, 2010

Mommy Moments: Dias 2010 To Do List

mommy moments

I would like to greet and congratulate Mami Chris of " The Mommy Journey"a Happy 1 year Anniversary. The Mommy Moments meme just turned one! wohooo....way to go Mami Chris....:)
It is Friday once again and it is time for me to participate the Mommy Moments meme. This week's theme is "New Year's List". I guess we are not using buckets this year...I think we are going to use! Here are some of our New Year's List:

-Drop off Buddy and the fish to my SIL's house
-Leaving on Monday to the Philippines (we are pretty anxious about it!)
-Spend time with my family in the Philippines
-Greg and I will do river rafting, zip lining, rappelling and other stuff
-Will visit my friends and relatives in the Philippines
-Buy Filipino educational stuff for Akesha
- A side trip to Cebu
-A side trip to South Korea

After our Philippine trip:
-pay the bills and credit cards
-minimize my shopping habit
-save more money on our savings account
-will work on my time management!
-got to bed and wake up early
-Do laundry on time
-Dental Cleaning Appointment
-Eye Exam Appointment
-spend more time with hubby and Akesha after eating dinner (blogging is too addicting!)
-Will take a lesson on snow boarding and Akesha too!
- Will work out more often and go back to the gym
-Re-Enroll Akesha to a gymnastic class
-Las Vegas trip (Hubby's Annual tour in the Air Force..this time we are going with him)
-Will visit Greg's friend in Arizona
-Akesha will turn 4 on April 15 (tax day)
-Will host the Easter Sunday
-Buy plants and flowers for my garden
-Buy books to read
-Enroll 2 classes
-Will drive more
-Buy a used car (we just donated our old's not working anymore)
-jog in the morning with Buddy
-Road Trip to Mexico (not sure yet)
-Air Show
-Water Park
-Bike Riding on summer
-Visit the Lake
-Go to San Francisco
-Attend Hubby's Company Picnic at Half Moon Bay
-Attend Hubby's Military Family Picnic

And many more.....:) For more entries or would like to join us, just click the button above. Thanks! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!