Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's Nostalgia time once again! Thanks to sisRose for hosting this awesome meme. My entry for this week is about our trip to Half Moon Bay, California.
These photos were taken during hubby's company picnic at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Akesha was over a year old then.
We were able to stay in at one of these rooms behind us. Ritz Carlton is one of the high end luxury hotel you can find in the US. Thanks to hubby's boss for paying our accomodation.
He is the owner and CEO of hubby's previous company. He's originally from Egypt. We miss you Mr. Kais!
It was a wonderful day. Lots of food and entertainment. 
Photo was taken year 2007.


w0rkingAth0mE said...

Beautiful photos sarap balikan yon mga beautiful memories no .. Ang liit pa ni akesh.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

i like that family pictures of yours tsang kanag top nga decor sa inyong main blog.

abi gyud nku sauna nga inyo ng balay mao nakig parente ko nimu remeber aron imu ko imbitaron ug pista heheheheh.

na hala nostalgia naman d i, i missed last week's nostalgia haay

Laikka said...

waaahhh ka cute naba lamang ni akesh,gamay pa sya dh:)


anne said...

ang bait naman ni boss, dhemz later pa ang nostalgia ko hehehe SAHM’s Online Diary

Mel Cole said...

Wow! Ang swerte nyo naman at naka-stay kayo sa hign end luxurious hotel na yan. I like your pictures yotch. :)

Vernz said...

wow, kanindots ani oi... pang rich and famous man ni kaayo mrs. D... ;) labay ko..

imriz said...

as in The Ritz Carlton...bonggalicious ka tlg, demcy...woohoo!!! lurve, lurve ito!!!

chubskulit said...

Nakaismid si kulot sa last pic hehehehe... Ganda ganda naman ng hotel... Sis ask mo daw pala si greg if he has any preference in hotel or if meron sya in mind where to stay.. mwah!

Adin B said...

Awe! What a beautiful trip. :) You guys are one beautiful family. :) I love Ritz Carlton Hotel. You sure get what you pay for. Great hotel, great location! :) Visiting you again mommy Dhemz.

Adin B

Mel Alarilla said...

How sweet naman, kakakilig, hehehe. Ang romantic naman nang mga photos ninyo ni Greg. Parang honeymoon stage nyo kaya lang napanganak na si Akesha. I hope you both stay as sweet to each other as these photos depict and please no more arguments and discussions. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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