Thursday, April 21, 2011

High School Friends

I'm very thankful for the good high school experience I've had. I've never been considered an "outcast" or a "loner" in my life. I always have set of friends growing up.
2002 beach gathering....some of my HS friends.
I have a lot of close friends in high school compare to elementary and college. Seriously, when we all hang out together, we have to hire 2-3 jeepneys to take us places. I miss being with them. Too bad, I live far far away.
2007 beach gathering...some of my HS friends.
The last time I saw some of my high school friends was when we went to visit the PI for the first time. I believe it was year 2007. We supposed to meet up with them last 2010 but we missed the whole plan. I'm hoping  to seem them soon. I'll make it up!  


Clarissa said...

You are blessed to have circle of friends,minsan nami-miss ko na rin ang mga ka-barkadahan ko.Inuman sa tabi ng dagat,alam mo na puro mga lasengga ang mga friends ko lol!

Hello there,Mommy Dhemz!It's been awhile..I miss you,Akesha and visiting your sites.Thanks sa e-mail and message sa fb ha!

Vernz said...

Haguy kagamay pa diay ni Akesha diri Dhemz... pero bitaw akong mgs HS friend short live man oi kay boarding school unya after graduation nangawala na sad... so sad... :( lol..

heheh agi ko..

Kayce said...

wow how nice kaayo sis kay nagka bonding diay mo last time nga nagbakasyon mo diri.. bitaw oi makamingaw baya jud ning mga high school friends nato.. hope puhon pagbakasyon ninyo magka bonding pud ta mga bisdak bloggers..hehehe! miss you sis!

STEF said...

High School is really one of the best parts of our lives. This is where we get to meet and keep friends! Hope you can check out my NOSTALGIC post too! Thanks!

anne said...

Sus nakahinumdum nuon ko sa kanta na highschool life highschool ay walang kasing ganda hehehe

Tina said...

Elementary and high school friends are special and so dear to me until now.. mga 7 ra mi then duha me ka babaye pero even now, bisag layo na ming tanan pero kung magkita me.. lami kaayo ang feeling.. mga binuang.. nice unta i scan ang photos. ako nalang andamon sa next week.. :)

chubskulit said...

Buti ka ppa sis you met with them, ako isa lang nakita ko hehehhe. Nice phtos.. Visit lang ako kadali, alis kami weeree.

Adin B said...

I miss HS friends as well and all our the great memories together. I do have a lot of HS friends as well and we always like to hang out together and go somewhere. It was fun! We are blessed to have such great friends, mommy Dhemz. :) Great photos! :)

Adin B

nuts said...

very true! iba ang high school memories, bonded talaga! you are blessed to have them. you can make up with them the next time you visit PI.

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Friendly mn ka bayot and you know how to choose the right friends sd, ako sd bisag asa ra mn ko makit an intawn uy. matud pa sa akong barkada mura birhin daw ko sa balay pero gawas ako tanan baba hehe

kalimut ko ug nostalgia meme da

Mel Cole said...

Natz usa man ka-barangayan imong barkada yotch. hehehe. Bitaw oi, I miss my elementary and high school friends more. Miss the ki-at2x and kabuangz. hehehe Been busy for Easter. Sorry for my late visit sis but my post is not late :) Hope you can visit my Nostalgia here.

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