Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery Free Mobile Game App

If you are a mom with young children who enjoy mobile gaming or maybe you are the go-to source for the latest gaming info amongst your friends, why not check out and download the new Halloween-themed game called The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery today?!
This FREE app has been a top grossing game or hidden object games in apple store. It's by far the best hidden object games that my family and I ever played. We enjoyed playing the game and haven't missed a day since we downloaded it. We're addicted to this game. We love the challenge of looking and searching for hidden items. What a fun app!

What we like most about this game is that families can play it together because this app is kid-friendly and can be a good bonding experience. We're totally impressed by the graphics, really cool game, fantastic and great execution. Plus, it constantly changing!
There are tons of levels and quests to unlock which makes the game even more exciting and thrilling. It's definitely a game that keep my family entertained. I have to tell you though, this game can be a bit frustrating when you ran out of energy but it teaches you how to be patient. You can actually purchase things within the game and buy more energy.
The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery features: Nearly 1700 quests to keep you entertained for months. With 22 amazing locations full of interesting characters and 225+ сollections of hidden objects to piece together.
So what are you waiting for? Download it today to get started! Keep in mind this game only supports iPhone 3GS and higher, iPod Touch, iPad 1,2,3 5.0+ firmware.

Disclosure: I partnered with Sverve on this campaign and I'm being compensated for product endorsement. 


Alison said...

It's such a fun game I love playing it! Even my kids are enjoying it too!

Echo A said...

This is seriously one of the best hidden object games that I have played in a LONG time!

cancan said...

I have my favorite boards by now!

LL said...

I have to look into the energy thing, I haven't found that yet.

Erlene A said...

I wonder if they have this on android? I gave my iphone to my dd...maybe I need to take it back :-)

FamiGami said...

I still love playing this game! I really like the diverse variety of pictures to solve!

Terri Ramsey Beavers said...

This is such a fun game to play. I love the new updates for Halloween.

Jennifer Sikora said...

The Halloween Theme made this much more fun! Your hubby looks like he is really getting in to that game play.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I think EJ would like this, kaso ala syang gadget lol.

hidden object games said...

This game is definitely not free.I like it a ton however I would rather they charged for the game than collect money all the time by offering crystals that are indispensable to continue playing.You can collect energy in little amount,you can collect coins that are not all that useful,yet collecting gem is practically unthinkable, and they offer that.Don't get started on this free game unless you need to spend a great deal of money.

@Linda Smith.

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