Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How To Keep Up With Long Distance Friends And Family

Whether your best friend or family have moved away - or maybe you did. It can really take its toll on your relationship because they're no longer just down the road from you anymore. You can't just knock on, or go out for a drink, etc. This can be very hard for both parties, but there's usually always one that takes it worse than the other. Now, while life plans shouldn't be put on hold just so you can stay close to someone - it's all about the effort you make with one another which will prove the love between you.
Sure, you can't always jump on a flight and leave everything to see them, although it would be nice once in awhile. But there are many other ways you can stay in touch.
Here are some ideas.

Yes, postcards were once used when someone goes on holiday in a beautiful location and wants to rub it in their friends and families face, right? But really, a postcard can be used for anything, and it's a sweet way of showing the other person you're thinking about them. You can send one every month or so, with a small little message to put a smile on their face.
There is now even a Postcard App which means you can do all of this virtually and then the postcard you created online will be sent to anywhere around the world for you.

Video call
Calling over the phone is great, but thanks to technology, you can now do it while on camera so you can both see one another. The other cool thing about this is that you don't need to worry about your phone bill piling up because it's all done through the internet, so as long as you have wifi or data, you can call from anywhere. You can show one another the new outfit you bought and get their opinion, or even watch a movie together if you felt like it. Video calling gives you a chance to see the person you miss so much, as if they are really with you.

A lot of people associate letters to something of the past, and yes, there is no longer a need to communicate this way because there are so many other ways now, it doesn't mean people don't do it anymore. In fact, writing a letter as a pose to an email or direct message on Facebook is a whole lot more intimate and personal. While you won't get a response back immediately - that's what adds to the experience, making it even more exciting because you have to wait. And then that day comes where you have a letter posted through your door, and you recognize the handwriting... There is nothing better than that feeling.

So quit feeling low, you have some great ideas now to stay in contact with the people you love, so get writing, typing or waving. They don't have to feel as far away as you think they are.

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