Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wish You Were Here: Creative Ways To Document Your Travel

Less than ten years ago, travel was a whole lot different. You would have your film roll for your camera and would just have to wait and see if you managed to get any good pictures from your trip when you were home. Unless you were on a business trip, then taking a laptop with you was pretty unheard of, as well as smartphones. They certainly weren’t the all-singing-all-dancing smartphones that they are now, with cameras on them to rival a decent DSLR. So we have no excuses to be savoring the important things in life and documenting them all to look back on later in life. With children, it is so important to keep documenting everything too; looking at old family photos or movies can be so much fun.

Do you often forget to do certain things, though? Or don’t know where to start when it comes to printing out your travel photographs? Then here are some creative ways to document your travels so that you have memories to last a lifetime.


Create a Vlog
You don’t have to be a blogger or vlogger to make your own video of your trip. Of course, you can share online afterwards if you wish. But really, it is for you to have a copy of for your own remembrance. Choosing snippets of the kids talking or things that they did on the beach, is a great way to give an overview of what you did on the trip. If you have time to edit it slightly when you’re home, then it will be a great memory to have and to watch.

Send Postcards
Even if you send postcards back to yourself, it is a great way to document when you have done. These days you can even create photo postcards online and have them mailed out directly from the website. So if you think getting a stamp and mailing something when abroad can be tricky, this could be a fun alternative for you.


Share on Instagram
You don’t have to have a public profile if you don’t want to. But what you could do is create an online photo album on Instagram to share photos and video. You could even create separate ones for each trip or just have a specific family travel and days out Instagram. Then you could give your kids access to it as they get older to view what they’ve done or get the photos from there printed out. A way to scrapbook for the less crafty.

Start a Collection
To document where you have been in the world, then it might be time to start a collection of some sort. It could be that you collect a coin from each place you visit that has a different currency. You could keep all boarding passes or train ticket stubs. You could keep (unused) napkins from places you have eaten or coasters from bars and pubs around the world. Keeping them all together in a scrapbook can be a fun way to record what you did on the trip and gives you an excuse to write something about it down.