Friday, January 19, 2018

How To Make Your Home Great Again

It's 2018, and if you're still looking at all the images that fall under the category #beautifulhome, then it may be time to have a word with yourself. Why look and pine over spaces that you don't have, when you can create your own magical environment? Don't let the idea of things being too expensive put you off because if you're clever enough, you don't need to be splashing your cash on the latest buys. Of course, a few luxuries are still essential, but if you're creative enough, then you can pretty much do anything you want.

The style
There are so many different styles out there that it'd be wise to first think of a theme you want to follow. This way every room will fit together as an overall piece. A popular look nowadays is going minimalistic and super open plan. But this may not be your thing, so it's a good idea to have a look through magazines or online until you find a style that you connect with. Then you have a place to start.

The pieces
The little things really count, so you don't necessarily need to swap out all of your furniture and objects and start over. Sometimes it's enough to just change a few little things. Like a table, for example, get rid of the one covered in scratches and stains, and buy a dining table that looks beautiful and brings a sense of style to the room. Even the kind of lighting you have will change the way your home looks. Cater each room to a different set of lights that all have their own mood and personality. The kitchen needs a lot of light as it's where you'll cook, so built-in ceiling lights work well, while the living room can have a dimmer switch installed for variety. And the bedroom could have its own elegant chandelier! (Why not?!)

The life
Plants are a wonderful touch that you can add to a home. They are visually appealing, smell divine, and even supply you with oxygen as well as purifying the air. So what's not to love? If your room is rather neutral, then a plant is a good option, like a peace lily. They don't require much maintenance and tend to last years! White orchids are also very beautiful and add a sense of calm to the environment. If you need colour in your life though, then bringing in some wild flowers will give you what you crave.

Now you have some ideas, start mixing them up until you create your perfect haven. As long as you feel safe and comforted in your home, then that's all that matters. You want a home to connect with all of your senses. That's the key. Once that's been done, you'll be the one taking pictures of your rooms and uploading them to social media. You may even be the inspiration to others out there.


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