Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Set The Right Example By Revising For Life's Financial Tests

When we become parents, most of us get pretty good at helping our kids revise for tests. From the moment they enter school, after all, there’s one test or another to worry about. And, our kids aren’t the only ones who face tests. The chances are that there’s also a few in store for you. To be in with the best chance of passing, you should put those revision skills to good use. Of course, you don’t need to know your times tables to pass. Though, maths could serve you well, as most of the tests you’ll face involve finances. Money is always an issue. And, the chances are that you’ll encounter at least a few significant financial tests each year. So, how exactly can you revise? Read on to find out.

School breakSchool breaks are always financial tests. No sooner have the kids gone back, than they have another week off. This can make things tricky. No matter how you approach the issue, your finances will struggle. When you’re at home playing with your kids, you aren’t earning money. Of course, you could stay at work and employ childcare during the days. But, that isn’t going to be cheap. You’d likely spend your wages on the service. Besides which, most employers are pretty understanding about this. It may be that they give you the time off, or let you switch to half days instead. Both of which result in lost money. So, how can you pass this test? By saving, of course. Setting aside spare cash when you are working should be all it takes to afford the time off. Just develop a financial plan, and watch your spending during those vacation weeks.
Unpaid time off workMost years, you’ll only ever take your allocated holiday from work. Sometimes, though, we have no choice but to take unpaid leave unexpectedly. It may be that your kids are ill, or you have to stay with an unwell loved one. Your savings can help here, too, though you don’t want to spend them before you need them. As such, you might want to find ways of making money while you’re at home. There are many sidelines which could see you through. Or, it might be that you’ve experienced an injury which leaves you unable to work. If this happened through fault of someone else, don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury law office and file a claim. That should be more than enough to see you pass this test with flying colors.

Just when you think you’ve got your finances under control, surprise tests crop up in the form of birthdays and holidays. These shake you up and test your knowledge on the spot. And, to ensure you pass, it’s important to budget. Think of this as one of those questions in maths tests at school. Work out how much to dedicate to the cause, and make that money last as long as possible. Whatever you do, don’t overspend!