Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The 10 Most Forgotten Items When Packing For A Holiday

When packing for a holiday, there’s always something that gets left behind. Some of these forgotten items can be minor nuisances, whilst others can be more serious. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten items to check off your list before you jet off.

We’ve all forgotten our toothbrush at some point. Whilst it can be frustrating arriving at your hotel room to find you haven’t got this item, toothbrushes are easy and cheap to replace.

Sun cream
Sun cream is another commonly forgotten item that’s easy to replace. If you easily burn, it’s worth taking this with you wherever you go in case there’s a heatwave – even ski holidays can result in sunburn due to sunshine reflected off the snow! Airports may limit how much of this liquid you can take if you’ve only got hand luggage.

Sunglasses are also easy to replace. It can be worth packing two pairs as these items can often get lost on holiday.

Whether or not you plan to use pool, it’s worth packing some swimwear just in case. Whilst you might be able to buy replacements, it can be frustrating if you’ve spent ages hand-picking some nice swimsuits and bikinis in the shops beforehand only to leave it on the clothes rail.

Phone chargers
Not having a phone charge can be a big inconvenience. This can be worth putting in your hand luggage in case there are any places to charge your phone en route. If you’re going to be driving on your holiday it could also be worth getting a car charger. Portable chargers meanwhile are ideal for backpacking adventures and camping trips.

Adaptor plugs
Some countries abroad may have different plug sockets. Even if you’ve got your charger, you won’t be able to plug in your phone if you haven’t got an adaptor. Check if the country you’re going to requires these adaptors before going.

Padlocks are handy for keeping your luggage safe in transit. Whilst you can usually buy these at the airport, you might be able to get them cheaper elsewhere before you go.

Travel document copies
It’s worth having hard copies of any documentation – just in case your phone dies. This could include flight information, hotel booking information, transfer information, travel visa receipts, travel insurance documentation and potentially hire car information. A copy of your driving license and passport might also come in handy if these items get lost.

Plastic/ziplock bags
Having a few bags handy can be useful. These could be used for storing rubbish, dirty laundry or for separating wet swimwear and towels.  

It’s worth packing a small medical kit of essentials such as plasters, paracetamol, tampons, contraceptives, diarrhoea medication (the difference in water quality can give many people the runs) and any anti-allergy medication. Medication catered to specific conditions may be harder to come by on holiday, so try to list this as a priority item (going back to the prior point of documentation – it could be worth bringing proof of a prescription).



guru said...

Yes sometimes we may forget travel documents in hurry and I agree with all your points that are often forgotten by most people.