Wednesday, March 27, 2019

5 Tips On Getting Your Home Summer Ready

Springtime is finally here and thankfully, that means that gorgeous summer days are not too far away. This gives you a chance to adapt your home ready for the summer so that when it gets a little too hot to be outside, you and your family can relax and keep comfortable indoors. Take a look at these fantastic tips on how to get your home summer ready!

Install blackout blinds

If you’ve got children you’ll know all too well how difficult it can be to get them to sleep in the summertime, and not just because of the heat either. Longer days means that it gets darker later at night and of course, your children still need a good night of sleep! Installing blackout blinds can solve two problems with one answer because not only do they block light from coming into your home, but blackout blinds are also effective at keeping the heat out of your home too! They’re fairly inexpensive and super easy to install, so save yourself the hassle this summer and install blackout blinds in your bedrooms!

Replace your air-conditioning unit

Over time an air conditioning unit will lose its effectiveness, especially if you’ve got an older model. Now’s the time to invest in a new air conditioning unit for your home to keep your family cool. Buying a new unit bring the benefit of a more energy efficient ac unit. Alternatively, you could seek maintenance from an air conditioning service to ensure that your investment is working exactly how it should be.

Tint your windows

When tinted windows are mentioned, it’s likely that your immediate thought is car windows. However, you can actually have tinted windows on your home! They help retain the heat when it’s cooler and also help keep the heat out when the weather is glorious out. Not only that, a tinted window can protect your furnishings from sun bleaching, meaning that your belongings will look wonderful for many years to come.

Use natural colours

It’s a weird thought that colours can greatly affect how we feel physically, and this includes how warm or cold we feel too! Using natural colours throughout your home can help avoid this issue and also keep your home looking and feeling light and airy. Pale and pastel colours often work well too if you’d rather have a splash of colour in your home! Alternatively, use colourful artwork to brighten up natural coloured walls.

Bring out the summer upholstery

Finally, did you know that something as simple as having curtains that are too heavy can affect the heat in your rooms? Purchase lighter curtains and throws for the summer time and switch them over when the weather changes. Not only will it help keep you all cool and relaxed, but it can help switch up your style regularly without having to spend lots of money! Stay cool this summer with these home tips!