Thursday, July 25, 2019

Three Cooling Tips to Help You Endure a Heatwave

If you live somewhere that gets hot in summer but not hot enough for air conditioning, you may have to endure the occasional heatwave. Even if temps soar for a week or two, a short period of intense heat may not be enough to get you installing the A.C. Although, if you already have A.C., it could be worth getting your A.C. repaired during this time if it's broken, to save yourself investing in fans! Make searches for AC repair near Fallbrook, or repair services wherever you're based, to make sure you can get the A.C. on as soon as you need it! But how do you survive the heat without checking out of normal life completely? These tips will help you stay cool. 
Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

Make The Most of Fans
One of the best ways to ease the effects of high temperatures is to move the air. There is nothing worse than a stuffy room when it’s hot. Ceiling fans are brilliant because they circulate air throughout the room, rather than targeting one area. If your porch or veranda is your hot weather haven, consider installing a ceiling fan above your day-bed to move more air outside. Box fans are also your allies when the heatwave descends. Hot tip: rather than using a box fan to circulate air in a room, try facing the fan out the window to move hot air out. Cooler air from outside will be drawn in through another open window at the other end of the room, creating a cooling drought. 

Manage Windows And Doors Like a Boss
When you open or close your windows and doors will make a big difference to your heatwave survival. In the mornings, when it’s cooler, keep your windows and doors closed—ensure that drapes are drawn, as well. This will keep the interior cool for as long as possible before the heat inevitably gets in. Once your house is hot, open windows to encourage air movement and get your fans going. In the evening, once the outside temperature has cooled down, make sure your windows and doors stay open to invite in the cooler air. Fans are a lot cheaper and more eco-friendly than air conditioner units, so don’t feel bad about it if you want to keep a fan running in your bedroom overnight. After all, managing a heatwave is about more than survival: it’s about living a normal life, which is impossible without a good night’s sleep. 
Photo by Maggie Zhan from Pexels

Thank Heavens For Water
Water is your best friend when the heatwave arrives. And don’t worry if you don’t have a pool! A cool shower will work wonders. Or fill a bath with cold water and take regular dips—without soap, so the whole family can take turns in your ‘indoor pool’ throughout the day. (Bonus points if you have a hot tub.) Between cooling off in the shower or bath, put a wet towel on your head and other parts of your body that feel the heat. Everyone experiences heat differently, so you may get best results applying a cool towel to your neck, feet or wrists. And don’t forget to drink loads of water, too. Long tall glasses of ice water will not only help your body thermo-regulate, but you’ll be replacing all those fluids lost to sweat. 

Whether it’s a week or a day, a heatwave can lay you low. These tips will help you manage the heat and push on.