Wednesday, January 6, 2021

3 Simple Ways To Improve Quality Family Time

Pixabay - CC0 License

If you are eager to spend some more quality time with your family in 2021, you probably need to reassess your work to home life balance and develop strategies to help you come together as a unit. If you have teens or adolescents, they may be happier alone in their bedrooms rather than downstairs with their parents. However, while you need to give your little darlings their privacy, you can foster quality time. The emphasis should be on quality not quantity. Take a look at these three simple ways to improve your quality family time.


Many families are like ships that pass in the night. Shift work, schooling, extracurricular clubs, and social activities can mean that you barely even see your children or partner during the week. It’s crucial that you maintain communication channels to keep your children close. To communicate effectively, set aside at least three mealtimes every week where you eat together around the table. With the whole family around the table, you can chat about worries, concerns, good news stories, and life in general. You need to have your finger on the pulse of your kids’ lives. By showing an interest in what they are doing, they will feel valued and you will motivate your kids to spend more time with you. Talking is vital in any family to build trust and really understand one another.

Extended Family

For some people, quality family time means spending more hours with their extended family. IFf you have relatives across the border, why not consider getting in touch with Nanthaveth & Associates and asking about their immigration and visa services. They can help you to get your mom or dad into the country to spend more time with their grandchildren. If you want your family to know about their heritage and really get to know their grandparents, have them live with you for a little while. It may alter the family dynamic but your kids are more likely to spend time at home rather than out with their pals. This can create closer family ties and inspire your children to respect their elders and appreciate the quality time that they can spend with their family.

Days Out

If you can’t inspire your children with some exciting activities to take part in as a family then they will choose to spend time elsewhere. Organize some great days out as a family unit. Keep these days varied and exciting. Think about heading out on a road trip to the coast or venture into a national park for some treks or get together in an escape room and work effectively as a family unit to solve some clues and get out as fast as possible. These days will teach you a lot about yourself and one another. Kids love spending time with their parents if they are doing something fun together. Days spent wallowing on the sofa in front of the TV won’t give them the impetus to spend quality time with you.

If you are keen to get together more as a family, you need to facilitate quality family time. Get together more, organize fun activities and keep communicating. You will soon feel closer and more connected to your family.