Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look who's in trouble!

It seems frustrating, and yet I found it hilarious! When I was in our room trying to finish packing our clothes, my daughter was playing in her bedroom. She did not take a nap on her regular routine. I don't know why maybe because she saw me busy and heard some noises while I doing something.

So, I let her play and running around as she normally does. I went to the garage, and when I came back I heard she was in the bathroom. I thought that she just playing, but when I checked on her she made a lot of mess and smiling at me. Oh no! I was so mad and I spanked her. I can't believe she opened the bathroom door. She knows that I'm mad, she started picking some of the stuff and trying to put the stuff back.

No wonder why she is so quite awhile ago. She's at the stage where she get into things. What a terrible two. When you're a mother you know what I'm referring to!

I'm on break. So, I better cook for dinner then.

My Signature

We went to the Property Management Company awhile ago to sign the agreement. As you know renting a property is different because there are tons of rules to follow. We never rented a house before, and I am not aware of all these rules. Even pity damages you have to be liable of paying it. We even pay for a deposit on our dog, not only that we have to pay for the fishes too. I don't consider fish can harm the property or something. I don't know it seems like a ridiculous regulations.

Anyhow, we just signed the contract. We will be able to pick the house key tomorrow afternoon.

Another Packing Day!

What a long day for me! Oh boy I'm so exhausted today. I wasn't able to cook for dinner. I've been busy for the past few days, trying to finish packing all our stuff. We went to homedepot last night to get some boxes. I thought I have enough boxes, then I realized this morning that I needed more. So my husband went back to homedepot earlier to get some of the boxes, and I am hoping that this will be good for the kitchen utensils and books. Our house is getting crowded because of those boxes filed up in the living room.

I only have two more days left. I am hoping that I'm in schedule because if I'm not, I am screwed! Our moving day is on Saturday, yes this coming Saturday August 2nd . I can't wait to move to our new place, we're so excited about it.

I hope you guys have a fantastic evening! Goodnight!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Turkey Dinner!

Who said that turkey can only be eaten during Thanksgiving? Well, we just had it last night! To be honest, I don't really like to eat turkey. I don't like the smell nor the taste, I like regular chicken better. Apparently Americans love to eat turkey, I have no doubt because they cook it most of the time specially during holidays. The size is gigantic and not only that it's pricey too.

Anyways we had dinner last night at my sister-in-laws house. My brother-in-law from Texas and his family visited us here in California. Akesha was having fun seeing some of her cousins, they were playing and they went swimming in the pool.

I made a devil egg. I like to make it for
hors d'oeuvre (appetizer) when we have a family gathering. My devil egg is always a hit, I just put it on the table and in a few minutes it's all gone. Every body likes it, and that's why I keep making it. If you are interested of making one, just let me know. I can share my secret recipe! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Alma Matter Dear

The Seal represents the Institutional culture of the university

The different elements and the significance of each are as follows:

The Balance Scale is the universal symbol of Justice.It represents the first academic program offering of the Liceo which was the College of Law and reflects the paradigm that justice and fairness is of paramount significance in interpersonal relationships within the University.

The Open Book symbolizes the Book of Knowledge and our quest for it as well as the teaching-learning activity and all other such related activities which is the main concern of the University.

The Roman Numerals MCMLV is indicative of the University foundation year, 1955

The two branches of the Laurel Leaves stand for Victory to which every Licean must aspire to achieve in all the challenges that confront him.

The Latin motto NIL SINE NUMINE translates to “Nothing Without the Divine Will” which motto was adopted by the University’s Founders subscribing to the Catholic tenet of Faith in Divine Providence

Check out my school:

I graduated at Liceo de Cagayan University batch 2004. I completed the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management Accounting.

I was involved and active in many curricular activities. I was a good student back then. I'm always with the crowd, I have always set of friends, and I don't remember going out by my self. Going to school for me before was a big deal. I don't even have time for guys or something. We usually hangout in the campus, mostly in the canteen and in the library.

I have set of friends where we called each other "TECH" or "ATECH". Even my husband adopted that word. Sometimes when I'm chatting with them in the internet, my husband will say "oh, is that tech?" which is funny!

I miss them a lot. We've been together through thick and thin. I miss to hang out with them especially when when go to the church, watching movies, and strolling to the mall.

After graduation we farted our ways and see each other once in awhile, but we always had communication. We're fortunate to get a job and others went abroad.

Until now I still have contact with them, even if I am 6000 miles away. I'm still updated of what is going on with their lives. And I am very pleased to have friends like them.

Liceo means a lot to me. I had a wonderful and great experience from this institution. And I am proud to be a LICEAN.

This is for you guys!

My High School Days

Sto. Nino High School is a branch of Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres, Manila. It is a Catholic private school located in Gitagum Misamis Oriental,Philippines. It is under the supervision by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres. In my opinion I would say that this is a very strict school, and I considered it in a good way.

We all need to wear proper uniforms 4 days a week, go to mass every Sunday,pray before and after each class,do the rosary, do the 3:00 o'clock prayer and so on and so forth.

I had a lot of fun and great memories from freshmen up to senior. I met a lot of friends, I got to involved in many activities, and I learned a lot of stuff. Honestly, I don't regret for anything I have done ,and I took it as it is. I am proud to be a PUALINIAN!

To all my high school friends...this is for you guys! It's been a long time I haven't been around, but I always keep you in my memories. I miss all the events and hang outs, I miss to help organizing the reunion, and I miss you guys a lot!

Unwrap the Result

After we made an offer to the bank...we cant wait to see the result. The other night we had trouble going to sleep because we both anxious and anticipated, and we end up going to bed by 2:00 o'clock am. We already plan what to improve in the house... to do this to do that.

Yesterday the Realtor told us that there are 6 offers on the property and the bank is asking for highest and best offers from all six parties. Greg called me on the phone and discussed what we need to do. We both really like the house and we made another offer. He told me not to expect too much and not to keep my hopes up. Of course he don't want me to get disappointed.

Every single day I've been hoping and praying that they will accept our offer. Greg and I already have in mind that if we don't get that house, we will look for another one. Maybe there are some houses out there that we like or cheaper than that house. We will wait to see if what will happen, and I am keeping my fingers cross.

Today, I got a phone call from my husband. I was nervous to pick up the phone because I know that this will be the result. So he told me in a sad voice (honey, guess what?) and I said what?! (they accept our offer!). Wow!!!! I feel relieve and happy to hear the good news. I am so excited! Yes we did it...we got the house!

After all the anticipation now is the time for paperworks. And pretty soon we will move in to our new home. All we need to worry this time is to look for a renter who can rent our condo.

House Hunters

California is a very competitive state in terms of business, agriculture, economic, and pretty much everything. Living here is expensive. If you don't have a degree or skills you will end up working either a temporary job, restaurant or fast foods.

The average housing cost before 2005 was 300's and up. The condo and apartments was about 250's below, or it depends on how many bedrooms and bathrooms in the unit. We purchased our condo 3 years ago. We did not rent because we are planning someday to make it as our investment.

Before it was only me, my husband, and our dog. Now that we have a kid, we are planning to move to a bigger place. I feel like our house is getting smaller and smaller, and over crowded.

Since 2006 up to now the market was in bad shape. Thousands of houses were being foreclosed, and homeowners were kicked out from the bank. A lot of people are homeless and defend on welfare. The gas price is getting high and so as the food. I know that this is a good time to purchase a house because the market is down. The downside is our condo is worth less than what we expected. But, we came up the idea of renting our condo and buy a house.

I search houses from the internet, and some of them looks pretty in the picture. Most of these houses were beat up and falling apart. So we decided to look around some houses in the area. We made an appointment to meet a Realtor and help us to show the houses that we like. It takes few weeks to look for a house. It's not like going to a store and pick what you like and leave. It's a matter of patience.

Last week we look some houses again, and this time we found the right one. Wow! This house has a lot of potential, nice yard, nice kitchen, it has a fireplace, and the has a built in pool. This could be our new place. So, we both agreed to make an offer to the bank.

All we need to do is wait till our realtor will contact us about the result

New Hairdo of mine....

It takes awhile for me to figure out...where I could find a salon in our area that I like. It's been awhile since I've been to a parlor. I've been to a different parlors in our area,but I'm not really satisfied of the service that they offered. I mean,its not worth the price.
After searching through the net, I finally found the right one. I told Greg (my husband) to make an appointment for me. And yes, we did went to this place yesterday . They have a fantastic accommodation for us and I like the ambiance.
I brought a piece of paper with you know what's on it? :) It's the hairstyle that I printed the night before...pretty nifty huh!..that's me! husband was laughing about it!
Cecil (the hairstylist) did a wonderful job! It takes an hour to finish my hair, and I am very pleased about it.
Here is my new look....tang ta da dang!

I go by this haircut because I really don't have time to take care of my long hair...also,long hair is expensive to maintain. And I have too much too much as in...:) It's good for the summer too! I feel great and fresh, and I love my new hairdo!

Balancing Act 101

Have you ever ask yourself....of what is the purpose in life? How do you see yourself 5,10, or 30 years from now? What are your goals?

Every person have their own individual dreams and desires in life. To achieve and satisfy the needs in life is to get a career. But to get a career is not a simple task that can happen in one day.

School is one of the most important tool that can lead you to success. It is a system of formal education that allow and encourage us to learn. But some people are less fortunate to go to school because of finances. These levels are primary or elementary school, high school, and college.

Once you finish college and get your degree you are now capable of looking for a job. Hunting and searching for a job is not that simple. You have to go to a process which most people do. Make a resume, apply for the interview and so on. Some people go abroad to look for a better and greener pasture. If you are determine to get a career in life you have to be able to sacrifice in everything.

As I recall 4 years ago after I graduate from college, my goals are, to get a job and get married by late 20's. As I got a job at the age of 20 my goals change. I said to myself, “after 3 years of working here I will go abroad”. Suddenly, everything change in just one snap! I thought I will get married by the age of 27-28. How all this things happen?

Well,if your destiny comes in the right way and in the right place, there is no way you can escape from the reality. The reality was I got married at 21 and the person I ended up is not a Filipino. My goal of getting out in my own country is happening. And I did not expected it to happen, I just work for 10 months from my job and I'm already married.

When I left Philippines everything of my goals when I was single was change. I now leave here in a foreign country,not just temporarily but permanently. Setting goals as a couple is pretty pretty crazy. :) You got to butt heads most of the time but the good thing is we compromise, we know how to negotiate!

My personal goal? Well, before I thought that I could be a stay at home mom, like any other mother in the Philippines. But here, based on my experience to be a stay at home mom is pretty boring...the boredom will kill you and make you insane. I am glad I have my daughter with me, at least I have someone to be with me during the daytime. So, as a couple we decided that maybe I will go back to school.

So, I go back to school. I didn't chose to take accounting again, because I would like to take another field which is nursing, I thought it would be challenging. Since the school did not take credentials from the university that I went to, now I have to start from scratch. I am doing all the general education right now, to get into the nursing program.

Going back to school is not easy as I thought it would be. It is tough for me because I now have my own family. Compare before when I was single, all I'm worried is getting an F in the class and how to budget my weekly allowance. Having a family and going to school is quiet interesting. I need to balance my time to them, and my time studying. Sometimes, I cant focus on my studies because I need to pay attention to my 2 year old daughter, who specially needs a motherly care.

I thought I will be a full time mom, but apparently not. I thought that I already achieved my goals in life. But to be able to move in this society, I need to get a descent career. When Akesha will start going to school, I will be at home by myself, and what I am gonna do? watch tv and work in the garden? I thought of that sometimes. It's not like in the Philippines that if your bored, you can go to your neighbors, but here nobody does that.

As I noticed, the interest of going to school now is way different from before. The atmosphere and the people inside the class, and you know nobody. I may know somebody but not like I'm hanging out with them or something. I keep thinking not to go to school but my career is on the line. My husband always encourage me which is neat. But I still have this doubts though, I hope that God will enlighten my mind.

How do I see myself 5 years from now? Well, I am hoping that we move to a new place, another baby, and most of all I will be working as a registered nurse. Let see what will happen 5 years from now, I hope I will achieve the goals that I wanted.

What Married Life is Really Like

Greg and I met in a pen pal column। After exchanging several letters to each other he decided to meet me in person and flew to Philippines. It was kind of unusual situation for me to meet him in person because he is a foreigner. After a long run, we end up building our relationship into the next level. We got settled the same year we met. He was 38 that time and I was 21.

Now, at 24, I considerably better groomed, and my embarrassment at being one of those people I look down on for marrying early is tempered by the knowledge that I couldn't imagine someone more perfect for me.

I am a feminine girl who can happily spend hours baking and cooking in the kitchen. I have a compassionate soul who thinks seriously about issues in life. I am free spirited and outgoing person. Greg is a computer geek, who likes to intimidate me by asking some hypothetical questions. But suitably we have common interest in music, movies, traveling, dancing, and we love to play games that shows our competitive side.

In fact, Id say were perfectly match. But “perfect” and “marriage are two words that should never appear in the same sentence. Perfect is an outcome and marriage is a process. Those of us in good marriages are usually reluctant to talk about our problems in public-perhaps to avoid seeming disrespectful to our spouses. Greg and I may see eye to eye, but were married all the time.

Our differences give us ample fodder for conflict. I love to organize things and if necessary I labeled them. Greg do everything by trial and error and get squirmy sometime. I am a stickler for every traditional manners – the hostess gift, the thank you note, the Christmas card, and everything I could think that people would appreciate me as I would appreciate them. Greg is vocal and I am not, which sometimes I drive him nuts.

Inevitably, these differences sometimes lead to fights. But some of these exchanges end up as jokes, and any lingering grumpiness can usually be resolved with some timely sex. Greg crave immediate resolution once a conflict erupts. He believed that “you should not go to bed mad”. I am more circumspect, I find myself too emotional. I walk out and stay away until I figure out exactly what I need to say, though it takes few hours for me to let it out.

We fight over our individual characters, our finances, my insecurities, and our differences. As alien as we can seem to each other during a fight we couldn't be more alike in the ways that matter the most. We both love kids and fortunately we have one of our own. We both love to do things together as a family and share our plans. We both take time consistently and we compromise in many ways. We both have the same faith in God which bring us together and made us stronger day by day.

Above all, were both rationalists at the core। If you can convince me, through reasoned argument and evidence, that your way is better than mine, then you get to have your way, and the same goes for Greg. But most of the time, I'd like to do my way even if he doesn't agree (just don't complain!).

In a world where more than half of all marriages end badly, you hear an awful lot about passion cooling over. But among the many things Greg and I share is a belief that we can overcome those obstacles. I maybe a little immature, like most women my age, but I am working on it. Neither of us, however, is lazy, or incapable of reflection. A couple that is not afraid to work at it and talk to each other can become happier, more in love, more aware, more harmonious over time.

The most important aspect of our relationship is that we continue to grow together. And even our relationship has gone through bad times. But if you can survive them, you'll have an even deeper connection.

I know, because we've managed it so far. Even if we are the kind of people who came from a different culture. I am grateful that Greg is so comprehensive at all time


My Special List

I have a list of folks I know all written in a book,
And every now and then I go and take a look.
That is when I realize these names, they are a part,
not of the book they're written in but taken from the heart.

For each Name stands for someone who has crossed my path sometime,
and in that meeting they have become the reason and the rhyme.
Although it sounds fantastic for me to make this claim,
I really am composed of each remembered name.

Although you're not aware of any special link,
just knowing you, has shaped my life more than you could think.
So please don't think my greeting as just a mere routine,
your name was not forgotten in between.

For when I send a greeting that is addressed to you,
it is because you're on the list of folks I'm indebted to.
So whether I have known you for many days or few,
in some ways you have a part in shaping things I do.

I am but a total of many folks I've met,
you are a friend I would prefer never to forget.
Thank you for being my friend!

My College days....
My FAFH.....