Thursday, November 9, 2017

Chasing That Winter Sun

Most of us want it, we all need it. The hope of getting some winter sun when you live in countries that just don’t get any is hard. But there’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere where it’s raining on Christmas day, or even overcast. Unless it’s snowing like a traditional Christmas should be, you might as well be sunning it up on a beach somewhere living the life. But where is the perfect destination for winter sun? It’s Australia. The land of hopes and dreams. Thousands of Americans and Brits make the long journey across the seas, and for good reason. Not only do you get the sun you so desperately need, you also get the amazing vibe an Australian Christmas brings. If there’s one thing they do know how to do, it’s celebrate in a way no other country does. If the lure of Australia sounds good to you, then take a read on to find out how you can get there.

Getting to Australia is notoriously expensive, but does it have to be? No it doesn’t. If you do the right shopping around and don’t just settle for the first good deal you see, then you should be able to find something much more affordable. As annoying as it is, the flights with a few more stops seem to be the least expensive. So think of it this way, as well as seeing Australia, you’ll see a few cool countries along the way. Once you’ve got the flight sorted, you need to think of hotels or apartments whilst you’re over there. Australia isn’t as hotel based as you might think, and a lot of tour operators don’t actually offer package holidays to Australia. But this can be turned into a positive. If you’re heading to Australia for a family holiday at Christmas, you might want it to be a little more intimate. This is where a rented apartment will be perfect. You’ll have your own space constantly, and will even have the equipment to make a traditional Christmas dinner if you wish to. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the Australian Christmas traditions fully, then you need to grab your things and head down to the beach. Rather than the traditional dinner, they have cold turkey, ham, other assorted meats, and salad. The weather is just simply too hot to cope with the heat from a traditional dinner. We know all too well that when the meat sweats kick in, there’s no cooling down. Speaking of the heat, let’s move on to talk about what you need to take with you.

Jumpers, woolly hats, coats. Hell no. You’re going to need some fabulous new clothes to get you through the heat. A lot of people tend to put on a little winter weight, but if you know you’re heading to Australia, you will most likely have kept up to date with your fitness. So show off that figure with some new bikinis and swimsuits. The beauty of going somewhere sunny for the winter is you’ll find everything is generally a lot cheaper to buy. You’ll most likely have planned this holiday in advance, so as soon the summer is over in your country, dive on those clearance sales. You’ll be able to get things half priced or better, and when your holiday is so expensive this is exactly what you’re going to need. The climate is going to be so hot and humid, so you’re going to need a lot of free floating dresses or skirts to keep you nice and cool in the day time. With Australia, it’s not going to be all about the beach and doing nothing. It’s more of an on the go, get exploring type of holiday, so unfortunately you’re not going to be able to spend all day in your bikinis. But fear not, if there’s some sundresses that you can't resist, then just go ahead and buy them! As long as you’re going to feel happy and comfortable in your own skin in the extreme heat that’s all that matters.

Even though you’re heading there to escape the cold, you definitely shouldn't neglect the traditions of Christmas. If you want to still do that traditional dinner to keep it a bit homely then do so. But it is highly recommended that you head down to the beach at some point with a few beers and celebrate with the locals. They have such a good vibe and energy that simply can’t be missed.